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article and illustrations by J.Jelev


Live bait has an advantage in still water where trout have plenty of time to inspect and reject an offering. The extra attraction added by a wiggling worm or a slow moving minnow is what will entice a wary trout to attack. Swift currents can also be fished with live bait, but trout will be forced to strike before they can thoroughly inspect an object. In such conditions, dead bait works just as good as live bait. Furthermore, in rivers bait can be substituted with artificial imitations like silicone eggs instead of roe or artificial flies instead of the real insects. Nymph indicator fishing is in fact float fishing save for the different casting style.

Trout egg collection drawing

There are at least a few easily obtainable sources of bait; among which dew worms, meal worms, minnows, shrimp, maggots and roe. To buy bait there are a few places an angler should consider; the tackle shops, gas stations, pet stores and the grocery store will carry at least one of them. But bait can also be found in the wild. Where legal, anglers can collect and cure their own roe or catch their minnows. There are many good sources of bait and knowing them and where they can be located will make a float fisherman more versatile and efficient. Please explore the list of bait located on the left sidebar for details on the many different opportunities.


With bait one has to be aware of the many hook styles and sizes that will help in properly presenting the weapon of choice. Roe is typically mounted on single egg hook designs; worms are put on long shank hooks with barbs on the shank that prevent a worm from sliding down.

The way bait is placed on a hook can also affect its action and appeal to fish, as well as the rate of success. Trout, like all other predators swallow minnows head first, so hooking the minnow in the middle or the second half of its body will result in many missed hits.


Leaving a good portion of a dew worm dangle is a proven method for catching the largest brown trout.

Live bait allows us to best match the fishing conditions on the water and offer exactly the item that fish are feeding on. When properly used, float fishing will bring hot action and many trophy sized trout.

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