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  • Columbia R.Dart adult passage
  • BC stocking reports

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Horseshoe Lake, Kamloops, BC

article and photos by Jules Jelev

Horseshoe lake, Kamloops, BC

This is a relatively small lake in the Roche lake chain of lakes that gets regular stocks of brook and rainbow trout. As a result there is a good number of fat, red finned, speckled trout, that are a real delight to catch on light tackle as well as some monstrous rainbows.  Fish do not get big by taking all flies and lures they see.  Fishing this lake at certain times of the year can be quite frustrating.  The secret to the trout’s rapid growth and small interest in lures probably lies with the abundance of freshwater shrimp in the lake.  Yet there are days when trout will be ridiculously easy to catch. Horseshoe is a popular ice fishing lake but jigging will be far more productive than float fishing.  One little secret….big brook trout have tend to swim right under the ice. Suspending your presentation at that level can be beneficial.

Horseshoe lake brook trout, Kamloops, BC

This lake is rich in vegetation, so fish have lots of places to hide. There is a small campsite on the west side. that gets busy in the summer. Some of the popular places to fish include the north and south ends of the lake. Anglers prefer fly fishing from boats, but trolling lures is also popular. The paterns that would work are the usual ones for the central interior - scuds, dragonflies, chironomids, caddis larvae and terestrials (water boatmen, ants)

In wintertimes moose frequent the lake and can often be seen.

I have been fishing Horseshoe since the winter of 2007. A fellow angler, whose name was Kelvin, told me one day, while we were fishing Black lake, that Horseshoe had brook trout in it. I had just arrived in British Columbia and never had a chance to do much brook trout fishing here or anywhere else before, so I was excited. On the following Saturday I was wading the snow covered gravel road to Horseshoe at 6:30 in the morining when a vehicle caught up with me. It was Kelvin in his truck. We went to his spot and within minutes he had 3 or 4 gorgeous brookies flopping around his sled. For the same amount of time, I have not had a single bite. Kelvin and I fished Horseshoe that year many times, even though we never actually made arrengements to go together. His results were always good and I was somewhat slow to pick up on his method of fishing.

Now that I know what Kelvin meant in his theory of ice fishing, I catch a lot of trout through the ice and I can say Kelvin's method works not only on Horseshoe but on most, if not all, lakes around Kamloops or elsewhere. We still meet with Kelvin on the lakes; like before, never making arrangements, just reading each other's mind!

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